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- Havre aux Maisons - Îles de la Madeleine





It is in the heart of the St-Lawrence Golf, in the Magdalen Islands, that Mario Cyr’s experience started. He has participated in many spectacular missions as a cold water marine diver, photographer and filmmaker in various corners of the globe’s oceans.
Mario takes us with great enthusiasm on a journey in search of the world’s true splendors, discovering the secrets of his native islands, the whales of the Pacific, the Antarctic sea-water leopards and the arctic’s polar bears.
We invite you to take a look at his work : photographs and films, portraying underwater Arctic and Antarctic marine ecology. Let yourself dream or shiver while you follow his explorations.




Expeditions with Mario Cyr are a great opportunity for discovering life beneath the arctic ice. Thanks to his experience as one of the world’s best underwater filmmaker, Mario can lead a team of six divers, during an entire week, to live a unique, impressive and unforgettable encounter with the arctic marine world.
Breathtaking insights on the harp seal, Greenland shark, walrus, narwhal and polar bear are offered through several expeditions for anyone wishing to live extraordinary sensations.
Mario’s talent and know-how as a professional cold water diver and filmmaker has been acknowledged by worldly known producers such as National Geographic, Sedna IV expedition productions and Discovery Channel animal series productions. Exclusive filmed sequences by Mario have shared great popular success with movies like Arctic Tale and Oceans, both from Disney productions.
Expeditions with Mario are a unique occasion for divers in search of beauty, profound and durable emotions one can feel under the shimmering ocean, home to the animal emperors.



SHIPPING - Discovery of harp seals:

February 24 to March 1, 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020



A unique and privilege experience !


You will be roaming and diving the icy water of Hudson Bay, with the most friendlier arctic explorer and world renowned cinematographic diver, Mario Cyr !
Be among the very few fortunates to mingle close to polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat.
We will be camping on the tundra, on the ancestral land of our Inuit guides and their families, next to archaeological sites such as fox traps, tent rings, and food caches.


Your photography will be illuminated with the magical slanted light of the far north – and the endless sunset-sunrise unique to the arctic circle !
We are offering a highly personnalized and warm catering.
It will be a vacation to remember all your life!


Group or individual :  guaranteed departure 6 people

Day 1
  - Arrival Magdelan Islands
  - Welcome activities
  - Hotel logding

Day 2
  - Boarding 20 meter 's Crab Boat
  - Security Drill
  - Ice survey and Seal search
  - Equipement prep

Day 3 to Day 7
  - Breakfast and preparation of the day
  - Sightseeing, diving, photo-sesssion !
  - Greenland seal, and hooded seal !
  - Camp fire and star gazing, weather permitting !!
  - Somptuous meal and story-telling evening !!!!

Day 8
  - Back to shore

Day 9
  - Airport sched



Good health and positive.

Minimum : Advanced diver certificate.



2 nights in Hotel (first and last night), camping in a tent (6 nights).



20 meter 's Crab Boat with closed cabin
**  travelling by boat is subjet to weather (wind, ice pack, storm) and clients have to be prepare for another night in the community or prepare for a longer trip to reach camp.



The client has the obligation to contrat insurance covering personal, medical and search-and-rescue insurance  (



  - Greetings at arrival and transfer to your hotel
  - 2 nights accommodation at hotel (first and last nights)
  - Boat transfer to camp site
  - 6 nights camping
  - All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
  - Ground transfer at destination
  - Local guides
  - 5 days of boat diving expeditions, underwater photos and videos and observation
  - Tank, weights and belt



  - Air transport from your country to Canada
  - Air transport from your arrival city in Canada to your Nunavut destination (Air ticket issue by Voyages Aquanautes)
  - Travel insurance MANDATORY (including emergency evacuation)
  - Canadian Visas (if requierd from your home country)
  - Diving equipment (if not describe in package inclusions)



  - Tent
  - Sleeping mat
  - All food and all non-alchoolic beverage
  - Boats, fuel, local Inuit guides
  - Generator (110 volts, 60 cycles)
  - Air compressor
  - Diving tank (for both american and european pillar valve)
  - Weighing lead belt
  - Few local Inuit helpers for day watch and night watch !


NOT TO FORGET (Not included)

  - Sleeping bag, -20°
  - Warm clothing (dressed for -20° for boat travel)
  - Rubber boots and Rain gear , coat and pants
  - Sunshade - Sunscreen - Lips balm
  - Mosquitos repellant
  - Net-jacket or net-hood mosquitos net
  - Dry bags for day trip
  - Water bottle
  - Disposable humid wipes (Ex. Wet Ones)
  - Your valid diving card
  - Your diving equipment (including your wet or dry suit)

Mean local temperature for in March:  0° C



EXPEDITION - Discovery of the harp seals:

  • February 24 to March 1
  • March 2 to 8



Price per person, in Canadian dollars.

EXPEDITIONS – Harp seal discovery : 8,500.00 $


  - No air transportation is included in the above proposed rates.
  - Rates of flights.
  - The tariff of international flights, and for domestic transport from major Canadian cities starting point.
  - Applicable Tax


For information and availability:
(450) 461-0519-(450) 813-6695

For reservation, please contact:
Voyages Aquanautes : See the reservation form on the site.



For a private service, Mario Cyr also offers a service of accompaniment custom, all-inclusive, polar destination.

For more information and booking, please contact:

VOYAGES AQUANAUTES : See the contact form on the site.


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Technical Data Sheet

Country visited   Canada
Region   Magdelene Island - On the ice
City of entry in Canada   Havre aux Maisons - Quebec
Passport   Must be valid 6 months after return date
Visa   Please contact your Embasy
Electricity   North american : 110 volts, 60 cycles
Vaccination   Imunisation not required
LAG   Depends on your starting point
Time of flight   Depends on your starting point
Language   English - French
Currency   Canadian dollars




Temperatures in °C

Air and Water Temperatures
MONTH AIR Temp. Water Temp.
January   -2   +2
February   -3   0
March   0   -1
April   +5   +1
May   +11   +4
June   +17   +9
July   +22   +14
August   +22   +17
September   +18   +16
October   +12   +12
November   +7   +8
December   +2   +4



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Îles de la Madeleine - sur la banquise