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Watch the sun slowly rise over towering red sand dunes in Namibia’s magnificent Sossusvlei or admire the mighty roar of The Smoke that Thunders’ from the banks of the Zambezi River. Trek into the mist-covered hillsides of Uganda to spend hours amongst a family of mountain gorillas, or soak up Africa’s ‘Garden of Eden’ from the rim of the ancient Ngorongoro Crater and feel like you are standing on the edge of the world.

An entire continent’s worth of greatness concentrated into a single gorgeous package, South Africa practically bowls visitors over with its abundance of natural splendour, exotic wildlife, amazing underwater seascapes, cosmopolitan flair, and friendly faces. There are hundreds of reasons to come to South Africa

A big continent known for big animals, Africa underwater offers scuba divers big thrills. At the top is Egypt, the gateway to world class diving on the Red Sea’s coral reefs. At the bottom is South Africa where you find tropical reefs in the northeast and temperate rocky reefs in the west, including sites with the potential to see really big critters. In between, along Africa’s vast coast, you’ll find scuba divers exploring amazing underwater seascapes.

There are a lot of adventures to choose from when visiting Africa.

There are a lot of adventures to choose from when visiting Africa


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