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This archipelago of 700 islands extends on about 1000 km between Cuba and the South of Florida and is surrounded with turquoise and crystalline waters, which keeps jealously its island identity. It’s a destination appreciated by all for its different nature, its fine sand beaches, its lagoons to dream about and its warm and welcoming people will not leave you indifferent.

The outside islands quite more mysterious each more than the one before, constitute an archipelago of exception.

Its hotel facilities, of quality are approachable to all budgets. The diversity of its activities as the golf of international fame, the tennis, the casino, the big-game fishing and the sail will allow to those who do not share your love of the depths, to spend moments of the most pleasant.

Lovers of the sea and lovers of scuba diving, you will discover an exceptional marine diversity, rich and alive colored cliffs and a world which will not leave you unmoved. It is a destination where the majority of the diving sites are still virgin, remain to be discovered and waiting only for you.



Situated at only 80 nautical miles of the coast of Florida, we find several dive shops, situated in Freeport. Grand Bahama is the specialist of diving with dolphins and sharks, for over 25 years now, and its reputation overcame all the barriers. It will allow you to live a fascinating experience among dolphins, and will bring you in a world as fascinating as the sharks’. Come live this experience!

A lot of hotels are part of our programs, they are all well situated and a short distance of walking of all the services. You’ll be able to relax and savor in complete peace your holidays. (Please contact our agency to find out the available hotels)




Situated on the island of New Providence, at the heart of the archipelago, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. On this island, probably the most popular by all, it is possible to practise your favorite sport.

A lot of hotels of any categories are generally available, and according to the location of your accommodation, a dive operator will answer your expectations.



Small Hope is an unusual, informal holiday location, situated on the island of Andros, which focuses around the central lodge built in rock of coral and pine of Andros. An intimate and friendly atmosphere is created by the sofas and comfortable pillows. It has an eating area, a lounge/bar, a playroom and a reading room. The unique and relaxing atmosphere of Small Hope Bay Lodge does not correspond to the typical hotels in Bahamas.

There is also a small shop on the scene, a building separated for the administration and the customers and a laundry service. There is an outside patio for the bar and a space for barbecues and meals during summer with an ocean view.

The focus is on a natural environment allowing to relax, with a minimum impact on the lifestyle. There are no telephone (a telephone/fax/Internet is available for the customers, in the office), no newspaper and no television. There is no dress code... bare feet, t-shirts, sarongs, anything (except tie) are perfectly acceptable. It is the way of relaxing on the outside islands of the Bahamas.

  - Small Hope Bay Lodge



Stella Maris Inn built its fame by being the first one in the Caribbean to allow divers of the whole world to evolve among the sharks.

  - Stella Maris Inn



Being a part of the Bahamas, San Salvador is the most easterly located island of the archipelago. It is in fact the part emerged from a submarine mountain of 4500 meters. It is encircled by an exceptional coral reef.

Several remarkable sites of dive are among the most beautiful of the Bahamas. 19 km long and 8 km wide, it does not have a relief and its central part consists of a set of interconnected lakes. Its population of about 1000 inhabitants lives essentially off the tourism.

The only two hotel complexes of the island are;

  - The Club Med Columbus Isle

  - The Riding Rock Resort & marina






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Technical data sheet

Country   Bahamas
Region   Caribbean
City of entry   Nasau
Passeport   Passeport must be valid 6 months after return date
Visa   No
Electricity   110 Volts / 60 Hz - USA style sockets
Vaccination   Immunization vaccine not requiered
Lag   Depends on your starting point
Time of flight   Depends on your starting point
Language   English
Currency   Bahamian dollars



Temperatures in °C

Air and Water Temperatures
MONTH AIR Temp. Water Temp.










June   30   28
July   31   28
August   31   31
September   30   30
October   29   29
November   28   28
December   26   26



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