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The Saintes... the islands of paradise


An archipelago South-South-East of Guadeloupe, owes its name to Christopher Colombus

Temperature of air and water almost constant throughout the year, little rain, heat tempered by the presence of refreshing winds, a preserved site, which was not disfigured by an anarchic urbanism or automobile traffic (no private car, rental of bicycles, electric bikes, scooter) a population open and welcoming, all elements so significant and rarely gathered in one place which makes the islands of les Saintes a real corner of paradise.



is known for its splendid Bay clear turquoise waters, spectacular bread of sugar, its charming village in the quiet streets lined with quaint houses. The original Norman and Breton inhabitants have a long tradition of fishing that they practice in canoes called "saintoise".

You will visit the Fort Napoleon, which houses a Museum and a surprising exotic garden. The restaurants on the island are supplied fresh daily and offer a tasty tropical cuisine.



with its beautiful beach of Grande-Anse, the remains of the ancient pottery, the walks or even the small village of Petite-Anse deserve to be better known! Less frequented his sister, the island offers to its guests, calm, his sweetness of life and hospitality of its inhabitants.


Terre-de-Haut, main island of the archipelago of the Saintes, we dive in small groups. Sites are within walking distance of the centre, and you'll probably be few divers. The warm, clear waters offer the richness and the magic of the underwater world: heads of coral, sponges with shapes and colours and varied, bouquets of acropora, in a surprising underwater setting composed of canyons, caves and drop-offs, cavities, arches and bluff!
The funds are very colorfull and full of fish, there are flora and fauna typical of the Caribbean.

Le Sec Pâté, one of the best dives of the Saintes, little atoll from 13 to 300 m; the currents are strong, but once the head under water you can admire the opulence of the species turtles, Barracuda: it is a beautiful coral garden.
Another site known: the Aquarium, canyon labyrinth which is aptly named, the visibility is excellent, and you'll see fish angels, Cardinals, and triggerfish.




Minimum : All level (with a valid certification card)


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Technical data sheet

Country   The Saints
Region   Caribbean
City of entry   Terre de Haut
Passeport   Passeport must be valid 6 months after return date
Visa   No
Electricity   220 Volts / 60 Hz - Standard European
Vaccination   Immunization vaccine not requiered
Lag   Depends on your starting point
Time of flight   Depends on your starting point
Language   French
Currency   Euro



Temperatures in °C

Air and Water Temperatures
MONTH AIR Temp. Water Temp.










June   26   28
July   26   28
August   26   29
September   26   28
October   25   28
November   25   27
December   24   26



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