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At the southern tip of the Caribbean chain and just off the South American coast

this mountainous and verdant island is as rich underwater as above. Its reefs benefit from nutrients which flow from Venezuela’s Orinoco River bringing a rich payload of plankton and micro-organisms which attract species such as manta rays, eagle rays, hammerheads and whale sharks. Experience all of Tobago’s topside attractions including hikes through rainforests to stunning waterfalls, sea kayaking, mountain biking and bird watching.


Diving in Tobago

On Tobago you will get swept away. Literally. The nutrient packed Guyana Current rushes past Tobago making almost every dive a drift. Drifts come as leisurely doodles over seascape to a full on wild rush. And all this moving water has created a sculpture garden on the reefs. The constant press of water has both force-fed sponges into giants, and molded them into twisted shapes.
The seascape off Tobago is jam-packed with critters and marine growth, some of the most robust reefs in the Caribbean, including the world’s largest brain coral, which looks like a family sized igloo.
The visibility fluctuates between 30 and 100+ feet depending upon the outflow of the Orinoco River, which is carried past Tobago by the Guyana Current. The water can go from blue to green overnight, but the incredible and active reefscape doesn’t change. With such a plentiful food source, every niche in the reefs are crowded and you’ll find everything from seahorses and frogfish to mantas and, seasonally, even hammerheads.

Most experienced divers head straight for Speyside or Charlotteville. Off Speyside, which is a true diver’s town, most dive sites are around Little Tobago and Goat Island. Places such as Bookends are renowned for the thick forests of sponges on the current side, and the tarpon, which hunt in the whitewash at the surface. Kamikaze Cut exemplifies the experience here as the current is funneled into a coral slot and you shoot through as if fired from a cannon. Orange, green purple, yellow and red corals overload the reefs with color. Black Jack Hole, 007, Japanese Gardens, Kelliston Drain and the TD Express are favorite dives.

Also accessible from Speyside are the St. Giles islands, which include London Bridge and the newly christened Marble Wall. This is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic and the diving is both wild and woolly, and exhilarating.
Better accessed from Charlotville are the five uninhabited rocks that comprise the Sisters. This site of deep walls, drop-offs and coral canyons is famed for the black coral that proliferates here, as well as the chance when the water’s cooler, to see hammerheads. Even without the hammerheads, the Sisters are world-class.
Most of the Caribbean side of Tobago is perfect for macro diving at places such as Scotch Rocks and Bloody Bay. And closer to Crown Point on the opposite end of the island from Speyside, you’ll find the MV Maverick, a virtual fish magnet.


Group size :  minimum 6 clients


Individual program

Length of stay:

 - 7 nights - 8 days


 - Includes only the land portion


- All land transfers necessary to program
 - 7 nights at the Blue Waters Inn, standard room and double occupancy
 - Breakfasts
 - A total of 10 dives which: 5 days of 2 dives by boat
 - Tank, weight and belt


 - Air transport from your country
 - Meals other than those mentioned
 - Soft drinks and alcoholic
 - Tips
 - The fee for the Marine Park (US $ 30.00 per year)
 - The departure tax
 - Personal expenses
Diving equipment (if not describe in package inclusions)


 - Minimum : Open water diver, with valid certificate.


 - Blue Waters Inn


 - Travel insurance covering medical and diving accident


 - Blue Waters Dive'N : Professional and attentive service



 - Price per person, in Canadian dollars, tax included (subject to change).

 - Price from : $

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 - The tariff of international flights, please contact our specialists.

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Technical data sheet

Country   Trinidad & Tobago
Region   Caribbean
City of entry   Port Of Spain
Passeport   Passeport must be valid 6 months after return date
Visa   No
Electricity   110 Volts / 50 Hz - North american
Vaccination   immunization vaccine not required
Lag   Depends on your starting point
Time of flight   Depends on your starting point
Language   English
Currency   Trinidad & Tobago dollar



Temperatures in °C

Air and Water Temperatures
MONTH AIR Temp. Water Temp.










June   27   27
July   27   28
August   27   28
September   28   29
October   27   29
November   27   28
December   26   27



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