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The country of wide open spaces...


Depending on the point of view it is a continent or a subcontinent, situated east of the Pacific ocean, west of Atlantic ocean, south of Arctic ocean and north of central America.

Among North of America’s countries, we are presenting you those who offer multiple options, a quality of world-class dive, for which we offer the listed below services;

Demography: total population of about 476,5 millions Canada, 35,16 millions, United States, 318,9 millions and Mexico, 122,3 millions

Giving its geographical situation, its language and for convenience of understanding, you’ll find information relative to Mexico, in the section: Destination / Central America.



Canada is the vastest of the 3 countries constituting the North American continent with about 10 millions square kms. Situated in the most northerly part of this continent, it extends from east to west from the Atlantic ocean to Pacific ocean

Quebec, Magdalen Islands, British Columbia


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