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Your trip to Polynesia

The mere mention of Polynesia just to dream divers from around the world. Just so, as this beautiful destination offers spectacular dives in a paradisiacal setting sites guaranteeing unforgettable memories.

Since the dives of exploration proposed in the translucent waters of the lagoons, until the intense dives drifting in the passes of the atolls of the Tuamotu, the Polynesian Islands offer unique underwater encounters: very many species of sharks, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, shoals of barracudas or Kingfish, not to mention the multitude of small tropical fish that will accompany each of your dives.

What to Expect

Experienced certified divers or even beginners will all find their happiness in the islands of Polynesia. The clemency of the climate allows to dive in warm waters throughout the year and the visibility is exceptional. The proximity of the dive sites is a significant asset, it is in general very quickly after a short boat ride. Reef and pelagic life is very rich and you guarantee memorable encounters with any large fauna Pacific.


For all :
Discovery stay, Eco-tours, activity mask Palm tuba, stay in a bungalow on stilts, Spa, cultural tours, cruises, stand up paddling, hiking, 4x4

Divers :
Dives in the atolls and high Islands, combined hotel stays, cruises diving
Suggested length of stay:
12 nights on-site (in total 15 days) to discover several islands and atolls.

Each island or atoll has its particularity, that is why it is recommended to learn more in order to have an overview of the Polynesian underwater wealth.

In many islands the dives take place in or in the vicinity of the passes and their progress depends on currents and tide. Dives that take place in the past and in the current call for a good level of diving. The drifting practised especially in the Tuamotu Islands (Rangiroa, Fakarava, Tikehau, etc.). In the Society Islands, the conditions are excellent for beginner divers or rehabilitation dives before launching into a drift to the Tuamotu.

Species occur throughout the year, some seasons are more favourable:
June: reproduction of groupers in Fakarava.
From June to October: more numerous manta rays.
From July to November: humpback whales.
From December to March: Hammer sharks and schools of eagle rays more frequent.

Beyond diving, sea and nature lovers can generally discover the wonders that the Islands. Hiking in the mountains, forest, kayaking, stand-up paddle, cultural visits to the archaeological sites... There are for all tastes.


Tahiti is the main island where you will arrive. It is home to the capital of Polynesia :

Papeete, you can reach all the other islands of by airplane from Tahiti.

Diving conditions are excellent and accessible to all sites. The lagoon, safe and comfortable environment, is the ideal place to conduct training, a baptism or a upgrade before more technical dives in the Islands. Dives are generally held on the passes and the falling edge and especially dedicated to the observation of wildlife called "fixed" (corals, gorgonians, algae, cnidarians, etc.) around which revolve permanently a multitude of fish of all species.

Rangiroa, is the second largest atoll in the world. The 240 motu (islets) and hundreds of hoa, these passages that allow the exchange of water between the ocean and the reef, form its reef.
The atoll is recognized worldwide as one of top-places of exceptional underwater encounters. In the 2-pass of Avatoru and Tiputa, dives by current returning offer the opportunity to meet all the large fauna of the South Pacific: sharks of many species, manta rays, swordfish, dolphins... A 'Must' for any diver passionate!

Fakarava, is a veritable Eden submarine, classified the Unesco Biosphere reserve it offers dives to great wealth, as well as corals and many species of fish that you can meet. 2 passes Garuae and Tumakohua are among the most beautiful sites in Polynesia diving and will leave you with wonderful memories of diving. The South pass, located 2 hours by boat of the village situated north of the atoll, houses always a very big concentration of grey shark often referred to as, the wall of shark.


Accommodation :

Tahiti, the Manava Suite Resort is located edge of lagoon, less than 10 minutes from the international airport and 10 kilometres from the city centre.
This 4-star hotel offers a wide range of accommodation categories, all rooms reflect an authentic Polynesian decor.

Rangiroa, the Maitai Rangiroa Lagoon Resort est situé à mi-chemin entre les villages de Avatoru et de Tiputa, dans un très beau jardin arboré en bord de lagon. Toutes ses chambres sont équipés confortablement (climatisation, réfrigérateur...) et décorées dans la tradition du style polynésien. Vous trouverez dans cet établissement une ambiance de détente et de repos, juste au bord de l'eau.

Fakarava, Havaiki Fakarava Pearl Le is a charming lodge (and Pearl farm) on the edge of lagoon with a dream Beach! Located 2 km from the airport and 600 m from the village of Rotoava, you will enjoy a breathtaking setting at the pace of a lost paradise.


Your adventure

Group: at least 11 participants
Individual start: 1 participant


All programs include :

Welcome at the airport with a lei (flower necklace)
Submission of your documents
All transfers required for the program
Inter-island flights
Breakfast at Papeete
Breakfast and dinner in the islands and atolls
Hotel taxes
The service of our destination representative

For divers
Nitrox for Nitrox certified divers
Complete diving equipment



Option 1: Discovery of Rangiroa
Papeete—Rangiroa: 7 nights/10 days

Option 2: Discovery of Fakarava
Papeete—Fakarava: 7 nights/10 days

Option 3: The unmistakable duo
Papeete—Rangiroa—Fakarava: 12 nights/15 days

Option 4: Polynesian Triangle
Papeete— Moorea— Rangiroa— Fakarava: 18 nights/21 days

Choose your trip among these 4 options


For a tailor-made package, or to complete your stay

Please contact us: (450) 527—(dive) 3483

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Papeete - Manava Suite Resort Studio lagoon
Moorea - Manava beach Resort and spa, premium garden bungalow, pool
Rangiroa - Matai lagoon Resort, garden bungalow
Fakarava - Pearl Havaiki, beach bungalow

Accommodation referred to in the program all applicable taxes (VAT, tax service and tourism), excluding city tax.
All other services mentioned taxes


Minimum : For divers of all levels
Live-aboard : Advanced diver with a minimum of 50 open sea dives

You must submit your degree of diver in all diving centers.



It is strongly recommended to have personal travel insurance


For information and availability:  (450) 527-3483

For information and reservation, please contact:

VOYAGES AQUANAUTES : See the contact form or the reservation form on the site.


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Technical data sheet

Country   Tahiti - French Polynesia
Region   Tahit and her islands - South Pacific
City of entry   Papeete
Passeport   Passeport must be valid 6 months after return date
Visa   Mandatory
Electricity   110 220 Volts / 60 Hz - Struggling European
Vaccination   Immunization vaccine not requiered
Lag   Depends on your starting point
Time of flight   Depends on your starting point
Language   French - English
Currency   Pacific Franc - CFP - XFP



Temperatures in °C

Air and Water Temperatures
MONTH AIR Temp. Water Temp.
January   27   28
February   27   28
March   27   28
April   27   28
May   26   28
June   25   27
July   24   27
August   24   26
September   24   26
October   25   26
November   26   26
December   27   27



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