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Why a live-aboard diving ?


There are all sorts of dive trips

and each responded to the need for a particular customer, but why choose a diving cruise?

The answer is simple, it is the easiest way to make the most of its time under water to dive, to observe and to discover a still-fascinating world, or to make the photo.

It is also the only way to maximize the number of dives during your trip, and day and night!

No needs of this sunrise early lunch quickly to arrive on time at the diving center and be ready for the start of the boat that will take us on your dive site...
Not boarding complicated, especially for you ladies, no smell of exhaust, tank to carry, equipment evil dried thread, brewing in the waves to reach the sites, not to mention the seasickness... and so on, because we have all already lived his uncomfortable experiences!

Do not forget that your hotel is your boat, which, while you rest or during your sleep, will join the new location of your first dive on a new site.
It is also possible during your cruise training if you wish, and enjoy diving with Nitrox (for certified divers), and this, often free of charge.

The choice of your cruise is important, because the professionalism of the crew on board and water, safety, the quality of the meals, the comfort of cabins, the quality of equipment (boats) annexes which will lead you on the dive sites and diving are a whole.

It is important to make a wise choice, to be certain of the success of your cruise and diving holiday!

We are here for you Advisor!


Our dive cruises

Voyages Aquanautes has selected for you...

Voyages Aquanautes has selected for you a large number of companies offering the best liveaboards in the majority of popular destinations around the world. Our agreements allow you to access a wide range of vessels in a multitude of destinations.

Whether you choose the Maldives, the Thailand and the Similan Islands, Indonesia with Komodo and Raja Ampat, the Egypt and the Red Sea to Sudan, the Philippines and Micronesia, we will respond to your expectations.
Wea lso offer routes in Tahiti and in several South Pacific destinations, including the Australia, the Fiji Islands, New Guinea and the Galapagos.

But we do not forget to Caribbean, Central America and the coco island.

Cruise operators with whom we offer you a range of type of dives, reefs dives, walls, shipwrecks, with whales and sharks, drift dives, dives in cold water and night dives, not to mention diving for underwater photography

We offer also cruises themes, including dives with white sharks from cage to allow photographers to immortalize moments out of the ordinary.

The companies that we represent, include for well-known names such as DivEncounter, Aggressor and Dancer fleet, Seafari, BlackBeard Cruises, Hunter Fleet, the Siren fleet and Master Liveaboards.
Each has been selected for the excellence of its service, quality and comfort of cabins and food, the professionalism of the crews, diversity and beauty of the visited dive sites.

Several ships offer Nitrox diving

Whatever your choice, our diving cruise will meet your expectations and will offer you an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for the best scuba diving, in the best destination that the world as to offer...


At Voyages Aquanautes, you are at the right place!


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