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Cruises out of the ordinary...

When breathing becomes fun"


Destination mythical, sumptuous boats and high dives sensations!

Egypt, Sudan, Maldives, Seafari offers exceptions diving cruises.


The expertise of Seafari is based primarily on comfort, safety and quality of dives. We attach great attention to our equipment, its maintenance and disinfection for the safety and well-being of all. 


On board our comfortable boats we take you dip the tip of Sinai in the national park of Ras Mohamed to the area of Abu Fendira to the Sudan border.

Our tours of six days or 15 days allows the satisfaction of all, thanks to their great diversity both in reefs and in terms of flora and fauna.


The Red Sea is a major destination for divers and for snorkelers. The great classics of diving in the Red Sea as Brother, Deadalius, Elphinstone, the Thistlegorm (rated one of the finest wrecks in the world) are the joy of all divers.

The sites in the South of Fury Shoal area allow beginners and snorkelers come on circuits 6 days exploring reefs preserved the colors of magical coral, to unforgettable encounters with dolphins in total freedom and learn if they want to dive.


We are very attentive to safeguarding the environment. Our instructors will explain how to encounter marine animals without disturbing them. We count on you to help us preserve these heavenly places.


If you like to dive on mythical sites to explore the world of marine mammals without bottle, join us on board, immediate boarding!


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