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South Pacific



This denomination includes an incredible number of regions, where cultures and traditions have equalled only by the unimaginable diversity of the underwater world.

It is a vast expanse, which extends from the Australia to the Chile via Tahiti, the Cook Islands and Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, to list only the most important islands that we offer.
Through its waters warm, favorable to the growth of coral, this immense ocean offers us a multitude of colors and diversity.

Of the great barrier reef of Australia, to the soft corals of Fiji, ancestral islands of Papua and the Solomon Islands, the reefs of New Caledonia and its coral bioluminescent, you will discover a paradise!

The fauna is so rich, that one crosses the mini tropical fish to pelagic gigantic, including a wide variety of sharks. Do not forget that we discover in this huge area of very rare species, often not yet listed, which some of the most bizarre forms and colors incredible that are crossing here.

The landscape resemble real postcards... is the guarantee of a taste of paradise. The beaches are beautiful, the water is warm and translucent, and the hospitality of their inhabitants is sincere and warm. 

The meeting of modernity... with age-old traditions!


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