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Seychelles... live-aboard diving to sailing


THE SEYCHELLES... where all the Islands compete in beauty !

This heavenly tourist destination was once a haunt of pirates, but now the archipelago of Seychelles partly class natural park, is a jewel in the Indian ocean. These islands are the blue of the ocean at the green of the vegetation and the white fine sand to the granitic rocks. You will be captivated by so many natural beauties, the creole atmosphere, the hospitality of the inhabitants and the diversity of accommodation; of the traditional house in the luxury hotel. Staying in this haven of peace and exception, will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Cruises diving in Seychelles are possible in 2 large areas; Cruise in the inner Islands to the North, and cruises in the South around the coral islands.
Cruises on the inner Islands are most of the time in joint activities to discover the underwater world, while taking advantage of the terrestrial attractions of each area.
Cruises on the outer islands to dive on inaccessible areas otherwise than by boat, as the islands of Aldabra, Astove and Cosmoledo.
These cruises are rare and infrequent departures.

Mindful of the natural wealth of this archipelago, the Government of Seychelles monitors and protects sites. All islands compete in beauty, and yet they are quite different from each other. Transportation between the Islands is easy, by ferry or plane. Lovers of nature will enjoy travelling along many trails looking for endemic species, birds and turtles. The Islands handset is required to discover the hidden treasures of these former pirate lairs.


Stay at this haven of peace will leave you unforgettable memories !


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