Deborah Andollo

deborah andello


Born in Cuba, the Caribbean siren holds 16 world free diving records.

Deborah has chosen to establish the centre Dive Academy Blue Yemaya in Cozumel in Mexico, to promote free diving and scuba diving, and to organize international events of SSI.
Deborah teaches "free diving" in 4 languages, English, Spanish, french, and Italian


How to practice free diving ?

Become a follower of the free diving requires learning the technique of breathing of pranayama, which includes relaxation, meditation and introspection.
Also, those who practice free diving, learn how to coexist with the aquatic world, continuing to learn about the sea.
Free diving will help you connect your mental and physical being, and discover your abilities in diving and in your personal life.
The benefits of the practice of Free diving are numerous. Free diving will contribute to your mental and physical well-being.
It is my passion to share with others my love of free diving, in the teacher about using the most modern and most effective training methods.