Start / how to become a scuba diver?

There are more in addition to information flowing through various media, identifying the scuba diving. Documentary on television, to stories of hunters treasures or missing wrecks, movies in 3D in movie theaters, this fascinating activity is everywhere in the spotlight.
You dream, and you have often thought, but the time lack you?
It is easy to become a diver, regardless of your gender or your age!
There are now training online "E-Learning" in English, where you can learn the theory, and complete your training on a trip in the South or elsewhere in the world, the destinations are not lacking.
It is a good method, but before you begin, contact us, because some checks should be made to make sure that the diving center with which you will complete your training is approved to complete your training.


Advanced course

Are you a diver?

You are beginner Diver (open water) and you would like to follow advanced training.
Start your advanced  open water training near you and end there during your vacation in the destination of your choice, "Referral" this common term in the field of diving, indicates that you are referred by a diving center with which you followed the theoretical part of the training, and you have the practical part and diving to obtain your accreditation (certification) of advanced level at destination.

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