You have often heard about caves and caverns, and the wonders that they pose and you dream. You already have numerous dives under your belt, it is perhaps time to take the leap and follow training allowing you to unravel the mystery of the cenotes...

The peninsula Yucatan, more precisely in the area of Quintana Roo, located in a mystical world to discover, or found a number to openings in the jungle, and who often are freshwater lakes interconnected by a labyrinth of underground rivers, it is the largest system of underwater caves in the world.

But beware... no one can penetrate without appropriate training. There are 3 basic levels of training in cave diving can be combined between them. Each will be followed by various specialties to deepen the drive towards specific techniques.


Our partners

We represent several dive centres with the skills and the trainers that can provide different levels of training you want to follow.
Please contact us, or send us your requests and we will do the necessary steps to find the dive centre and the available monitor, for your training period.


The training is available

Technical courses diving caving.
Cave diving training is split into three basic levels, followed by various specialties to further your training with particular techniques.




- 18 years old
- AOW or equivalent
_ Minimum of 10 dives beyond training.
- Duration : 3 - 4 days
_ Content : Simple advanced techniques for overhead environments, use of the guide line, and specific procedures.


Intro to Cave

- 18 years old
- Cavern Diver or equivalent, 25 dives beyond training.
- Duration : 3 - 4 days
- Content : Planning and further development in confined environments, mastering of specific safety techniques and use of the guide line.



- 18 years old
- Intro to Cave Diver or equivalent, 50 dives beyond training (100 dives if by equivalency).
- Duration: 4 - 5 days
- Content: Perfecting specific techniques, complex underground navigation, limited decompression; dealing with minor restrictions…


Combined courses

Cavern + Intro to Cave
Duration: 5 – 6 days

Cavern + Intro to Cave + Cave (“Full Cave course”)
Duration: 8/10 days

Basic Sidemount + other courses/combination of courses
Duration: 2/3 days + …

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