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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What is a diving cruise (live-aboard) ?

Diving Cruises provide equipment (cylinders, air, the belt and weight) and housing for divers. The boat becomes your home and you eat, sleep and dive from it! Stay happens at sea for the duration of the cruise, and can vary from 2 to 14 days and sometimes longer. This allows you to explore reefs and inaccessible sites in daily output.

This type of diving opens a new world.


How many dives can I do per day ?

Generally you can do three to four dives per day, sometimes more (according to each company's standards). A diving cruise began early in the morning, sometimes before even the breakfast with the first dive to finish the sunset or with a night dive.
You have about three hours between dives, you decide.


What is the best time of the year for a diving cruise ?

Each of the destinations where we offer Diving Cruises has climatic conditions that are specific. Visit our "cruise" section and select the location where you will spend your next vacation.
Browse the description of each destination and the season of diving related. Our tourist information section will give you everything you need to know on the temperature for each different regions and destinations.


What certification do I need ?

An advanced "AOW advance open water" of any recognized diving association is requested on diving cruises.
On some cruise, and in certain destinations, a minimum of fifty (50) dives in the sea is required.

Although there are deep and exposed places, there are enough easy sites or dive and enough head diving on board, that you never dive alone or beyond your abilities. To make the best of your liveaboard diving why not enjoy and continue your training. We can take care of the necessary formalities.
The tariff certified, trained or a specialty is normally reduced during a cruise, enjoy! We are pleased to confirm the rates on request.


How far in advance do I need to book ?

The number of place available on a boat being limited, it is strongly recommended to reserve as soon as possible



Certain departure dates reserves more than three years ahead of schedule !


I forgot my certification card, can I still dive ?

If you have a PADI certification or other it is sometimes possible to verify your information directly with them. Please provide your name as it appears on your certification card and your date of birth.
If you come into contact with the diving center where you have been certified, they can help you get a new card until your dive trip starts.


Do I need a wetsuit ?

We always recommend a full wet suit of at least 3mm. Knowing that you can make up to 4 and 5 dives per day, some destinations require a wetsuit for 5-6 mins, to avoid losing too many calories and get cold.
To review the section on temperatures of the water of the destinations you will be visiting.


Can I reload my flash and my batteries ?

Usually this isn't a problem aboard dive cruise ships. Please review the information on energy sources provided on each vessel.


What type of valves and diving cylinders are on the boats ?

Please see the information of each boat because they vary between different cruises and destinations.


Can I rent a underwater camera ?

dive cruise ships are available for hire photo equipment. Please check each boat for more details. Please confirm the equipment you want to book in advance so that we can ensure availability on board.


Can I ask for vegetarian food ?

Letting us know your dietary needs we can check with the cruise company that you are interested in so that we can accept your request.


How go transfers ?

We will send you information about transfers during the reservation process, so that you long to know in advance where you find you well before your cruise.


What should I bring on board ?

All your diving gear staff (except the cylinders, belts and weight), a swimsuit, a towel, items of toiletries, hat and T-shirts, shorts and sunscreen. You can also bring a cutting wind and something light and warm to warm you up during the evenings or after the night dive.


Is the insurance covering the diving included in the price of the cruise ?

Insurance covering the diving just as travel insurance are never included in the cruise rate, but all Diving Cruises companies require that you have your own insurance.
We strongly recommend everyone to hold a personal insurance covering diving, emergency evacuation and hyperbaric treatments, for your own peace of mind and that of your loved ones.
Travel aquanauts will be happy to offer insurance that fits your needs and arrange the issuance thereof.


A non Diver can go on holiday on a diving cruise ?

Non divers and snorkelling enthusiasts are welcome on board. However, consider that the cruises are designed as dive trips.
The price for non divers is usually slightly less expensive, but it is important to validate this information to know the conditions of the cruise that interests you.


Should I must share a cabin ?

Space is an important on dive cruises criterion and the simple cabins are extremely rare and expensive. Unless we were to book a cab, you expect you to share a cabin. It is possible, if the cruise is not fully booked, there has an odd number of passengers. You then have your own cabin, but this situation cannot be guaranteed.
The only way to ensure a cabin for yourself is to pay the full price, or double the regular rate!
Please check information for each ship, for categories of cabins available.

Thank you, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !


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