Photography - Video

The choice of the material for the photo and the video having considerably changed, it is important to make a sensible choice according to your needs and to the available space for the transport of this one.

Take time to make the list of your needs to forget nothing.
Type of devices, compacts, digital SLR (case with exchangeable lenses). Cameras offering the video option.
Choose your lenses, cases and filters in functions of the type of shooting planned during the journey.


Underwater photography

Underwater housing, and its device of photo and video, wide angle and macro ports, arm of fixation for one or several flashes, Flashes and connectors.
Light continues it for the video shooting.
Battery / alkaline or refillable.
Chargers, compatible with the battery of the camera and the flashes.
For more information you can visit the site of the company Aquatica (

Enough batteries for the duration of the trip, if you won't reload them on the spot.
Enough memory cards for every equipment (class 10 or more is required to take sequences videos) ?


Electronic material

Computers, external drives, USB key, shelves to store your photos, are more and more used electronic devices during trips. Don't forget accessories... headphones, chargers, socket electrical multiple, etc.



If your trip includes the observation or the photo of birds, animals, and especially if you use long (Telephoto) lenses.




It is important to know that some countries and some sites prohibit their use, or require a permit. Certain places relating to government departments, the permit must be requested prior to arrival on-site, and tariffs are often prohibitive costs !

Waterproof Hard cases

I have used very long waterproof suitcases for my photographic equipment, and I've always been obliged to buy from foreign suppliers.

I discovered a Canadian company, established in Quebec, named "PlastiCase" who manufactures waterproof suitcases in the suburbs of Montreal, and offering a range of products waterproof and shock-resistant, very high quality.

Its product line meets the needs of divers, underwater photographers, nature or animal, anxious to protect their equipment.
This product line is called "Nanuk".

To convince you, I recommend a visit to their website. (
You will certainly find the product you are looking for and who will respond to your needs.
This line of products is available in the Canada, and in various countries across the world.


A final reminder to finish

In addition to the elements described in this topic, I remind you that it is important not to forget the following items; Pocket lamps, tight and waterproof rain coat or poncho, hat and Cape with protection for the the neck against the sun.

Sunglasses offering a good protection against UV radiation. Of good one shoes, easy clothes of maintains, and who dry quickly. Sun cream and mosquito repellent.

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