bien préparrer votre voyageFirst

As soon as you think of a trip and the choice of destination becomes clearer, a multitude of options available to you to help make the right choice.
If you are comfortable with new technologies, internet is certainly an indispensable tool. You can find information, formalities and obligations for each traveller, on the basis of their country of residence.

It is important to remember to verify the information, which will allow you to enter the country where you wish to visit.



Legal obligations


you must be in possession of a valid passport in which the required expiration date is usually more than 6 months from the date of return of the travel.


Entry visas

Each country visited with special requirements, check before departure if a visa is required, and it must be issued before the arrival in the country or is it maybe issued on arrival at destination.
Also check if your passport should be sent to the Consulate or Embassy of the country to be issued, the cost and the time limits for the issuance of the visa, and the method of payment if it is issued on arrival.


Parental consent

If you are travelling alone with children, you need to have in your possession, the legal authority of the second parent.



A medical examination may be required for the practice of certain activities, and a copy of a recent medical report may be required.

If you take medication, as it is not always easy to buy during a trip, don't forget to bring enough, as well as the list of these, and if possible their description.



Each passenger must check with a specialized institution, if vaccines are necessary for his trip. They may be recommended preventive or required to enter some countries.


Medical booklet

It is a personal document indicating already received vaccines and date injection, and the date of needed reminders. This document is perhaps required by some countries.


Rental / purchase-repurchase of a vehicle or a motorcycle

In order to take possession of a vehicle or a motorcycle, you need to have on hand and will have to submit the contract of rental, reservation, or purchase-repurchase.
You must be in possession of a credit card to rent a vehicle.
If the rental is made prior to departure, don't forget to have the credit card that has served to make the payment. You must necessarily be in possession of the same credit card and submit it to take possession of the vehicle.

An international driving permit may be required in some countries, it is easy to obtain one prior to departure on a trip.



Here are the important points to check, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Voltage; 110, 220 volts or both / 50 or 60 cycles.


Type of plug

This information is available on the internet (
You might also need a current transformer.



Solar panels

If you need to go in remote areas, it is possible to find in trade, solar panels of any size, shape and power, that will meet your needs; computers, external drives, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices.

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