A diving trip

A diving trip is a happiness that expected and prepared carefully, but it is no different than another trip. The shade with a traditional journey consists in the number of details to anticipate, which requires a demanding preparation.


Search tools

Internet will probably be your first choice of search tools, but it is not the only, and is primarily a tool of research to make audits and consultations, but also the opportunity to visit destinations and accommodation that you have been suggested or recommended.

Internet will also make you know the conditions and the formalities of entry into the country you wish to visit, as well as the time required to get there.

With time, you'll find a wealth of information essential for proper planning of your trip.


Avoid unpleasant surprises

Many of you use Internet as the indispensable tool to buy an airline ticket, a hotel reservation online or their diving trip persuaded to save money.

   - Are you sure to have made the right choice of suppliers for the services you need:
   - Land transfers
   - Accommodation
   - The choice of the diving center
   - Live-aboard diving boat
   - The receptive who will deal with your excursions

 But what is really?

How many will dare to admit their disappointment and the adventures they have experienced on their return.


Do you know that...

The services for which you have paid online do not always correspond to the photographs presented on the internet.
That the airlines are subject to many changes of schedule, of cancellation of flights, and many other problems.

SMALL ANECDOTE a few years ago and which had been around the world:

This is the story of a couple who had chosen a route on the internet to get to Sydney, Australia, and realize the dream of their life.
They have chosen their itinerary on the internet, paid their airfares online, and found themselves in Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada).
An airport code error!

The end of the story is simple, they had to buy a new ticket to be able to return to their homes.

Do you have the experience and training required to book a ticket online, well choosing cities and airport codes? 

   - You may need to purchase a new ticket to continue or complete your journey.

   - If the ticket was purchased online, remember that nobody will help you in case of problem, and certainly not Internet!

All this is just a small summary of the troubles that may live some customers.


Choosing her partner

You certainly begin to realize that even if plan a trip seems innocuous, there an unsuspected number of traps and situations that can be avoided

It is very important to know your needs, and the components necessary for the realization of your trip.

An agency accredited by the International Association of Transport air (IATA) and a professional of the trip are definitely your best allies.

He knows the workings of the business, will review the different steps to follow to do not forget anything.
It will find for you the route that best suits your needs, and may issue your airline tickets.
It will also follow your folder until the day of departure.
It will inform you of schedule changes, route, flight numbers, and may issue new airline ticket if required

He will choose for you the air carrier that you will bring to your destination with a minimum of stops, and will thus limit the risk of lost luggage.

It will inform you also regulations for baggage, the number and the permitted dimensions, as well as the amount payable for each of them.
It will also check which carriers a taxes and surcharges fuel lower.

If the "traditional operators" exist and can respond to a number of your requests, "nothing replaces the experience of creating travel agent", which will take you at the end of the world, if that is what you want.

Rest assured that nothing can replace the experience of a travel professional, trained to anticipate and evolve in the Middle the world of travel constraints.

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